Monday, August 04, 2008

Happy Blogversary to me!

I had no idea that today was my blogversary until Teena in Toronto left me a comment this morning. Thanks Teena! My little blog is five years old. I did plan on blogging today but who knows if I actually would have gotten around to it. Since my return from vacation, work has been bloody in-freakin-sane. Which hinders my ability to take care of things of real importance like blogging!

Plurk also eats up a fair amount of time although I have managed to not spend every waking hour on it, which is good...I suppose.

Boston was fantastic. I was going to do a post about it today but I think I will devote a complete post to it on Wednesday. There was much absorbing of history by Avery and myself and all around fun for all of us.

I have been knitting although not quickly by any means:

I'm actually further along than this photo. I am at the toe decreases now which means there is a good chance it will be done tonight. My plan is to then go dig out the RPM sock from it's time out corner and try to finish it by Thursday night. Why Thursday night you may ask? Well because I'm just insane enough to participate in the Ravelympics (ravelry link). Friday morning is the start by NYC time. I'll tell you my projects and the teams I've joined on Friday.

Happy Monday all!