Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Sadly I am still inundated at work. To the point where my wrist has started to give out. Too much knitting and too much keyboarding are not good at all. I iced it last night and it seems to be better today. Of course you're not here to talk about my pain are you?

We had a great time in Boston. Unfortunately the two things I was most looking forward to I didn't get to do. We didn't get to Salem and I didn't get to catch up with Susan. I suppose that just means I'll have to go back soon. As much as I loved the city that shouldn't be a problem.

Of course I hit the most important spot:
Lovely people, lovely yarn. I'll share my acquisitions on Friday.

Not to be outdone the husband's very first stop was here:
They were having a moving sale but amazingly he didn't pick anything up. He actually got more at their Cambridge branch when we went there.

We did the typical touristy type stuff, like the Duck Boat. They even let my guys drive:

This was the day before Avery's 13th birthday, it's nice that he's still such a kid.

Avery and I being history buffs did the Freedom Trail. For those who don't know it's a trail of historical sites. You literally follow a red line in the street. It changes form but it's always there:

We really enjoyed the cemetery oddly enough, or not oddly if you know us;) Here is the grave of the men killed in the Boston Massacre, including Crispus Attucks:
Here's Sam Adams standing outside Faneuil Hall. I wasn't a fan of his until the John Adams miniseries on HBO. He was such a troublemaker, how could I not love him. Well that and the beer...

Ian got into the colonial spirit as well:
We enjoyed walking around Cambridge for shopping and soaking up college town atmosphere:
We were there on Avery's birthday and amazingly he found the new book in a series he loves that was not due out until the following week:
We all enjoyed the easy train system. Nothing pleases a New Yorker like good mass transit. Of course I decided that this particular train, was the product of an affair between a NYC bus and a 42nd Street shuttle. They obviously ran away together and raised a family in Boston.

I know, I'm weird, you can't be surprised at this point.

I also had no idea that Wonderland was in Boston:
Who needs a rabbit hole?

Of course the most important spot for me was Ye Olde Starbucks:
Good mass transit, tons of history, easily walkable and Starbucks? I LOVE Boston!!!