Friday, August 08, 2008

Birthdays, fos and Ravelympics, oh my....

I got home last night from an afternoon out with the boys and found a gift from Susan in the mail: it not the coolest thing ever? A knitting gauge necklace! I'm wearing it to work today just on principle.

I worked really hard this week to fulfill at least some of my Summer of Socks responsibilites before the Ravelympics began. Lo and behold a finished pair of RPMs:
I also complete the first Nutkin:
As much as I liked the pattern that cuff doesn't not work well for me at all. It's far too tight and difficult to get over my foot. I do like the sock though. We'll see when I get to the second one.

This morning I am ready for my first event. I am participating for Team Tardis in the Lace Weight Long Jump. I'm making the Seascape Stole. As you can see I'm ready:

I'm hoping to work on my other event this weekend. For Team Splurk I am doing the Hand Dyed Hurtles, using my Sock Blanks.

I'm off to work. I'll cast on during my commute. I wish I could be home watching the opening ceremonies and the Doctor Who marathon on Sci-fi but I am attached to getting paid so off to work I go.

Happy Friday and good luck to all my Team Tardis companions and Team Splurk teamates.