Monday, February 04, 2008

Trying to kick my malaise to the curb...

Saturday was Imbolc. That is the pagan holiday to commemorate the end of winter and the beginning of spring. I decided to try to take that to heart and force myself out of this dazed hibernation I feel like I've been in.

First up. I ripped out the top of Avery's hat and added a few more repeats. It was a tad short for him:

Then in a particularly bizarre move for me I joined the Project Spectrum group on Ravelry. I'm not typically a color person but this year's theme of elements spoke to the pagan in me. It actually got me spinning again. November's Spunky Club fiber looks a bit more like cotton candy than fire:

...but there is a bit of red in there and pink is officially accepted for February and March. There is also some blue that was reminding me a great deal of smoke as I spun it:

...a closer look:

I also started organizing my stash. A lot of it simply doesn't speak to me any more. I've moved on from certain colors and fibers. I'm hoping as I catalog it and get it onto Ravelry I'll be able to figure out what could still be useful to me and what absolutely needs to go somewhere else.

Other than that the weekend was relaxing. Although I will say that Kathleen is a horrible influence. Heady with the idea of a tax refund check (smaller than expected but money nonetheless) we went out and bought our own Rock Band.

I may never leave the basement.