Thursday, February 21, 2008

Little things that make me happy, like...

...the lanyard on my Bose earphones.
...the fact that I could actually see last night's lunar eclipse
...I know this book will solve all of my problems and in fact, may bring about world peace.
...goth is all grown up and looks hot.
...Weight Watchers online, now I don't actually have to go to a meeting. I've lost 15 lbs so far.
...the existence of Fan Fiction. It makes me feel far less insane to know other people can be just as obsessive as me.
...the fact that my favorite geek sites are run by women.
...that one of those sites let me get my geek on by revisiting an old favorite and writing about it.
...and that I make somebody's day:

Gina bestowed this upon me an obscenely long time ago (in blog time anyway). It would be redundant to say that she absolutely makes my day as well. Our bitch-fests and two person support group for recovering goth girls make my work days way more fun.

I have to say above all my girls at work make my day. Dragging my ass in everyday is never a joy but having cool people to get through the day with helps a lot. So here's a little shout out to my bff Tisha and the fairly newly discovered Amanda. Working with extremely intelligent and fun women make the workplace oh so much nicer. Rinaldo calls us BOB a "batch of bitches" (although he doesn't really say that about Tisha, he likes her best, lol), and we like it that way.

There are numerous bloggers who make my day so it will be hard to pick but I would have to say Risa definitely does. Not as much for her knitting (although that's pretty cool too) but to see what those adventurous twins of hers have been up to. Quiet !=Good indeed but it is fun to read, lol.

Mamacate who so rarely posts anymore but I'm always glad to see when she has. Lack of quantity is always made up for by her quality. Her posts always leave me in a contemplative mood which is a good thing.

Shameka whose energy always does me in. She is so enthusiastic about her projects even if they're pissing her off. It's always fun to try to keep up with what she's working on this week.

As for non-knitting there's Glo whom I just discovered. I love that she's out there blogging about GH while I'm hiding away on a Ravelry board, lol! The fact that our opinions are very similar doesn't hurt.

Liz who blogs about all kinds of things that appeal to this nerdy woman.

What little things make you happy?