Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pictures 009
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I gifted my friend Amanda with the handspun I finished last week. She's already made a hat with it, that bitch;)

I figured I could share that at least.

Personally I'm still plodding along. I worked a bit on the sock at knitting group last week but I'm not feeling it at all. It's not the sock but the knitting. I just don't have the urge.

I hung out with Gina the week before last. We had a great time doing our annual Dark Ladies day out. We hit a few yarn shops but nothing spoke to either of us. All we heard were crickets. Much like the lulls I go through in my reading I know that once I get my hands on the right project it will get me fired up again but until then nothin'.

Things are pretty mellow on the home front. Ian is continuing his fantastic progress this year. Avery's doing well. Work is fine, Rinaldo's fine. I guess everything is just kind of mellow. That's a good thing though so no complaints here.

Good life = boring blog.