Monday, April 30, 2007

Sundays are for spinning...

...seriously. Chante was kind enough to come over to give me some spinning lessons since my poor wheel has been sorely neglected since Christmas. Tisha and Maribel joined the fun as well.

There was knitting:
...and a whole lot of detangling:
I swear all I wanted to do was wind the Spirit Trail sock yarn I bought for Tisha at Rhinebeck so we could get her started on her first socks but we all spent more time untangling the damn thing than spinning!

There was spinning though:

Oddly enough I have no pictures of myself or Maribel at the wheel but they do exist, they're just on Maribel's camera. I'm not sure when she'll get them to me or up on her blog since she leaves for New Orleans in a few days.

Added later: Actually she blogged so go look, I'll wait...

Chante is an excellent teacher although I'm afraid we spent way more time talking, laughing and eating all the food Rinaldo was making on the grill. I do have a better idea of what I'm doing although the minute she left I tried to get going again and failed miserably but I'm hoping if I keep doing it for a little while each day I actually spin something of substance.

Rinaldo worked in the yard and grilled. Avery and Tisha's son Aaren played Wii and even Ian had a playdate with Chante's son. It was a fabulous way to spend a Sunday. I hope we can do it again soon.

Last night I stayed up to finish the RPMs:

The foot on the second sock looks a little smaller but they measure right. I suspect it's because the first one was already tried on so it stretched a bit. While I was applauding myself for finally getting to the toe I noticed a small problem:

DUDE I DROPPED A STITCH!!! Like a million miles back, before the heel! I need to get the fixed before I gift them obviously. Can you believe it's just been sitting there quietly all this time? I was so pissed. I'll fix them up tonight.

On my way home today I get to stop at the Post Office, there's some Socks that Rock there waiting for me. It's so nice to feel the blog buddy love.

Happy (?) Monday...