Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Look at what I have, pictures of the first RPM sock:

She is lovely, is she not? I have had such a horrible case of second sock syndrome on the other one. I have cast on about 7 times. Each of the six previous attempts ended up in my screwing something up somewhere. This morning on the train I seem to have rediscovered my mojo, I'm sure the Motley Crue blaring in my ears helped a great deal. Nothing like a little Too Fast for Love to get your head on straight!

It's been a rough week and it's only Wednesday. Although if we're being honest only Monday was tough. In a nutshell, Rinaldo left for a conference in Denver, Ian was home sick, my mother in law had 3 appointments that morning so got to my house fairly late. I decided to try to get to work anyway but not before attempting to visit the bus depot where Ian's lunchbox that my mother in law left on the bus last week was supposed to be residing. Took a bus and a train to get there,in the rain, no lunchbox. Go back to the train, no trains running due to flooding. Leave the train head down the stairs. Get close to the bottom, slip and fall down the remaining steps, bust my ass. Call Tisha, hysterical ,tell her I'm done, I'm going home.

I'm bruised and battered. I can't sit back against my chair and I have to sleep on my stomach. Otherwise I'm fine. We're doing ok with Rinaldo gone, I've got a bit of a system going and it's working so far. I'm off tomorrow to do some sharing in Ian's class for their project on families. Then Friday Rinaldo's back. Ian's been a bit weepy when I drop him off at school but he's been a trouper for the most part. Oh yeah and I have the PTA knitting class tomorrow night and have yet to finish my square. Of course I had lost it for a few days so that didn't help, but I found it last night and it's about half way done.

I had Rinaldo take a picture of me on Sunday in the Calio-Thing for Kathleen but I wasn't crazy about it. Much like those of us who shave our legs for the blog readers I felt you needed me to have on some eyeliner and mascara so I made Tisha take a few shots this morning:

...and the side:

The lighting in our office sucks and I probably should have taken off my glasses but they're new and I like showing them off ;)

I love the damn thing and it occured to me this morning that it makes a lovely teacher gift for the end of the year. I guess I should get the blog for the Love Thy Teacher knitalong going again. The end of the years will be here before we know it.

Happy Wednesday all...