Saturday, April 07, 2007

The week got away from me quite a bit. I did finish the first of the RPM socks for Tisha's daughter who's birthday was, umm, yesterday. I gave Tisha the first sock to show her, so she'd know there was something on it's way. I'm also a little concerned because, as you may recall I initially cast on for the smaller size but that was coming out too small. The problem is once you make some real progress you can see how stretchy the material is. So now I'm concerned that the larger size is too big. I'm not casting on for the second one until I hear back from Tish.

I started working on the swallowtail Thursday night but I was having issues with the cast on. I'm going to blame it on exhaustion. I'm hoping to try again today. Instead I started Calorimetry yesterday morning:

Man there is nothing like a fast knit to make you feel better about yourself;)

Ian had a blast at Go Diego Go on Thursday (hence my exhaustion). He was dancing in the aisles, jumping, screaming having an all around good time. By the end he felt like one of Diego's family:

It was one of the better kid shows that I've seen. Of course my experience was greatly enhanced by the fact that Chris Meloni was there with his kids. Man he does a fantastic Jaguar Jump;)

Now I'm off to clean, yuck...

Have a wonderful holiday everyone!