Monday, July 26, 2004

The only thing I worked on during my vacation was the rug and I finished it on Sunday, in the car on the way to Jeeper's for my son's birthday get together (3 kids does not a party make). I wanted to put a picture up today but I forgot to upload it last night. I was too busy setting up our new TiVo which I bought my husband for our anniversary (10 years, I got a lovely diamond anniversary band from him I figure I'm going to get a lot more out of TiVo than he will out of my ring). I promise to put them up when the kids go to sleep tonight.

The rug is pretty and functional, but it went very wacky at the end. My mother took a bad turn last week and it would seem that much of the work I did on it while visiting her was really screwed up. I ended up about 10 stitches short at some point (damned if I know how) so I did an increase row rather than frog. So now of course it has a very odd indent in the upper corner. I decided that I should just leave it as a testament of this time in my life. My husband says he can't really tell because of the variegation and the slight rolling at the sides anyway. I may go back at some point and re-do those last 20 or so rows but it is for my bathroom floor, who's really going to be inspecting it.

Carrie joined the Devan along with her now completed Devan. She did it in Lion Brand's Magic Stripes Jelly Bean and Bernat's Hot Sox. It is very wild and cute. Definitely makes the other Devans seem quite sedate. I had been hoping to create the Devan Gallery last week while I was home but as usually is the case life intervened. So I hope to get it done this weekend and Carrie's will be the first one up. Stephannie is moving along. Her Devan is blocked and just waiting to be finished. Mine is with me today for subway knitting but I have a baby sweater that must been completed immediately so that will take precedence once I cast it on tonight.