Friday, July 16, 2004

The Knitting Group on Tuesday went really well.  Over 12 people showed up, including a young girl who wanted to learn to knit and/or crochet and a young boy who learned to knit in school this year and "misses it".  We went around the table introducing ourselves and explaining when and why we learned to knit.  My favorite story was a young woman who had twins.  They were preemies, just a little over a pound a piece.  She said she received the most beautiful little knit hats from the hospital.  She decided now that her girls are happy and healthy (19 months old), that she would like to give something back.  So she taught herself to knit from a book and now she makes preemie hats.  The one she brought was adorable.  
I have been working on the lap blanket ever since Tuesday.  After working on small gauge projects I forgot how gratifying bulky yarn and big needles can be.  
Here's my progress so far:

Poor Devan is sitting neglected because it takes so damn long to see any progress.  I needed a break and the blanket is providing a good one.
Here's where I stand with Devan:

I was hoping to figure out the pattern for the bath rug since the Rug Along has officially started, but I would have had to put down the blanket and I'm just not ready to do that.  Of course the rug is done with even thicker yarn so that should give some real satisfaction in the speed with which it knits up.  I had been thinking of a basketweave pattern, but now I'm leaning toward a feather and fan or chevron type pattern.
I go on vacation next week so I am hoping that means plenty of knitting time...yeah right, oh well a girl's got to have her dreams...
Have a great weekend everyone!