Friday, July 09, 2004

I finished the Magic Stripes tie:

Ray wore it to work yesterday and got lots of compliments. He said people were very surprised that it was knitted.

I also finally got my progress bars working. I decided to make them purple, I don't know why, it's my best friend Maribel's favorite color so let's say it's for her. By the way for anyone in the NYC area, Maribel is hosting a Knit Together at her Barnes and Noble store at 86th and Second Ave this Tuesday (July 13). Yours truly will be there as well as my friend Tisha, just hanging together, knitting, talking about the latest knitting books and whatever. It's something new they asked her to try (when they discovered that knitting wasn't just her hobby but a huge phenomenon at the moment), it's sort of knitting version of a reading group. So the more people who turn out the better. It will start at 7.

I finally started on Devan. I did about 4 inches on the left panel, then I decided to frog it. I figured since Ian will be 3 in October, just around the time he would start wearing it, I wanted to make it a little bigger. My gauge had been dead on, so I went up a needle size, that should give it a few more months of wear. As I recall kids slow down a bit once they get to 3. Of course I'm pretty sure Ian has put on 2 inches in the past week because suddenly he can reach things he never could before, countertops, the microwave, the button to turn the air conditioner on, the DVD player. I am sure you can imagine what the past few days have been like in my house.

As for the other knitalongers, Stephannie finished the back, but has a warning for anyone making the second size (6-12 months); she is running low on her contrast yarn and will have to rip out her swatch to have enough. She suggests doing your swatch with the patterned yarn, because you will need all of your contrast color.

Jasmine has been waiting for her yarn to arrive from Canada. It arrived this week so she hopes to start this weekend.

Chris is busy with her summer activities so she hasn't wanted to knit. She also needed to take a break from the small needles used in Devan. You can see how far she's come on her Devan Progress Page

Brynne's Devan was being blocked when last I heard but she has been a little busy with a completely different project. Go check out her beautiful new son John Francis...

Have a great weekend.