Tuesday, September 16, 2003

So I am really not very good at lace knitting. Where the hell did that come from you ask? Well I decided to make some booties for a friend's new granddaughter. I figured quick, easy get them done in a night etc. etc. So I found a cute pattern with lace cuffs pulled some baby yarn from my odd balls(baby soft by lion brand in twinkle very cute!) and started. I was doing ok until row 9 of the lace pattern, I was missing a stitch. I figured I was tired so I went to bed. This morning on the train I tried to tink back to find the mistake and what with the yarn overs and psso it was impossible. I ended up pulling the whole thing out and starting again very carefully. I was almost at my stop, I finish the 8th row and something's not right. I count my stitches and sure enough I am again 1 stitch short aargh!!!. I've decided to fudge it with a make 1 increase. I don't think it will be very noticeable.

I did a few rows on the basic bag last night while my son worked on his knitting. He finally seems to be getting it. He's up to 4 rows. I have him do 2 a night. I showed him the english way which is how all my friends do it, I for some odd reason knit continental. I also got to the color change on the baby's hat so I was quite prolific last night.