Wednesday, September 24, 2003

I haven't really done any knitting in the past couple days. On Monday I finished one side of the basic bag. I tried to pick up the stitches for the other side but I was just too sleepy. I somehow ended up about 10 stitches short so I pulled it out and went to bed. When I was getting ready for work yesterday I decided that I needed to take a break from it, plus I didn't really want to pick up the stitches on the subway. So I brought magazines that I needed to catch up on instead. I did spend lunch in a knitterly way as I was helping Tisha with her garter stitch baby sweater from Knitting For Baby which is coming out beautifully. She separated for the back and the sides yesterday, so she finished the back last night. I am quite impressed with it!

I picked up the cashmere this weekend to wind it into a ball, my eldest loves to sit and hold a hank for me, but I could not find the ends. I did find a knot in it so I am wondering if those ends that are knotted together are the actual ends of the hank. I couldn't get them apart and interestingly enough I could see white under the knot so I guess it was put there before the dyeing.

I should have gone back to the bag last night but I did laundry so that had me busy. I also exercised so I never even sat down to look at it. It's another reading catch up day. I will make sure I do it tonight. Her birthday is exactly one week from tomorrow. I need to get to work!