Monday, August 11, 2003

I've decided that it's no crime to not blog on the weekend. There are never enough hours in the day anyway. I'm about halfway done on SFKB. Tomorrow I will start playing around with the short row shaping. It may or may not work with the style of this sweater but I figured it was a good project to play with since it's sleeveless and quick to knit (so if I have to frog it back it won't take me forever to knit it back up).
Now I'm looking for a beret pattern to knit up for my 10 year old cousin for Christmas. I'm sure everyone is quite impressed with all my early holiday planning, now let's see how much of it actually gets done.
Didn't really get to do much work on the web site to get my pictures up. But hopefully it will happen soon. I did finally get my e-mail link working on this page so I can say I achieved something.