Monday, August 18, 2003

Blackout knitting...damn I didn't do any!!! We walked from my job in the Village up to 125th st, the streets were too crowded to pull out my needles. Then we crammed on a shuttle bus to take us across the bridge to the Bronx, definately not enough room to knit there. Then we crammed onto another bus and by the time I got a seat I was too exhausted to think. When we got home a little over 5 hours after we started I collapsed into a heap on the living room floor with the rest of my family (hey it was the coolest room in the house!) So I feel cheated.
On Friday I did some work on SFKB. Then we went to the park with the kids and my best friend, Bel came out to join us. She and I spent some time knitting on the bench. I was working on the honeycomb scrub sack for the husband, she was working on a scarf. That was fun. We got a pizza and made it a picnic.
Then we all came back up to the house where Bel and I drooled over the new Knit Picks catalog. We also checked out Mary Maxim where I had her pick out some yarn for her sweater (I'm not so good with the secret keeping). That was it. My ISP went out over the weekend, a day after the blackout so I couldn't work on getting my pictures up. All in all not a very productive weekend, but at least it was pretty relaxing.