Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Gina Watch 2007

Look an FO (yes you are reading the right blog, don't be funny), my handspun mitts are done:

The picture of course doesn't do them much justice but I love them and I'm feeling quite full of myself as a spinner/knitter at the moment. They have tons of flaws but last year when I got my wheel I never really believed I could spin a yarn that could be used. Yet here we are. I'm very proud.

Now gather closely because we are about to discuss some secret knitting. Here's the deal, last year my dear friend Gina swore to me that she would pull the needles from my hand if I even whispered of gift knitting this holiday season, but Ian's teachers are so wonderful this year that I really want to do something special for them. This translates into, you guessed it, gift knitting. Now Gina is away at her parents' house until Sunday and she has no internet access. I have three projects to complete. My plan is to try to finish at least 2 and have the third nearly completed by the time she gets back to blogdom. What can she say if it's already done, right?

I've already completed one fingerless mitt for his speech teacher:
I'm hoping to do the other tonight at knitting group. Then a calio-thingy for the para and finally a multidirectional scarf for the teacher. All of the projects will be in Soy Wool Stripes because it's my new all terrain yarn. I love to knit with it and the colors are so amazing.

What do you think can I pull it off? Start placing your bets...