Monday, November 19, 2007

Mondays are for spinning...

Well actually weekends seem to be for spinning but I post about it on Mondays. I was enjoying spinning up by Spunky Club fiber so much I decided to just finish it up and try to actually do something with it. I finished spinning it Friday night then worked on the soaking, beating, drying and winding of it Saturday and Sunday. By Sunday night I had this:

Whoo hoo! It's rough but I gather that's typical of Romney and it's more than a bit uneven but frankly it just reminds me of Kureyon so I am perfectly happy with it. I was enjoying my spinning a little too much to work on poor Cherie but I did get some work in on Rinaldo's sock. I am finally in the heel flap. Hopefully I can get the dam thing done before Thanksgiving.

For those of you waiting with baited breath Ian's parent teacher conference went very well. His teacher said he's doing beautifully and she adores him. His speech teacher says she is amazed and happy with how much he is willing to talk now. He has no problem asking or answering questions. I'm very happy as is he. The thing I found funny with both kids is when we went to Avery's school everyone was thrilled to meet Ian because Avery's talks about him so much and in Ian's school when we looked at his drawings and his stories Avery was in the majority of them. With a 6 year age difference I always felt that weren't that involved with each other aside from living in the same house. It's nice to see how attached they are too each other.

Best get to work. I got in early to get a head start on the day since Mondays I have to leave early.

Since I'm a geek girl at heart so I am supporting the writers in their strike. Joss Whedon the creater of Buffy and Serenity blogged yesterday about a way to show the networks that fans support the writers. Here is the site that explains the Pencils2MediaMogels Campaign.

Have a great Monday!