Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Temptation, frustration so bad it makes her cry...

The temptation of course is Cherie Amour, sadly the frustration is as well. I finished the body, connected the shoulders and seamed the sleeves. Here is the problem. I suffer from the dreaded tight bind off disease. Now I am aware of this problem and typically seek to offset it's results by binding off loosely or going up a needle size or two when I bind off. If you had asked me I would have said that I had done it loosely, obviously I would have been deluding myself. Now you know what happens when I get frustrated with a project right? Cherie was unceremoniously dumped on the computer desk. Perhaps I will have the patience to do surgery this weekend but I don't even want to look at her at the moment. Here's a look at her before it all went to hell:

You can see I was just living in denial since I had put the sleeve in the hole to see if it would fit. Ha!

I grabbed a sock for comfort. It's as though socks are the husband I always come running back to when my love affairs go awry. Hell I may even cast on for the lady detective hat, hats are comforting too. I need some comfort this week. Rinaldo left for a conference yesterday and I have two parent teacher conferences this week. Last night was Avery's which was excellent but odd. Most of his teachers told me, "well I gave him a 90 but he's really a 95 student. High schools like to see improvement over the year. It shows he's a hard worker." Huh? So we're dumbing down the grades on the first marking period to make his record look like he worked hard at improving rather than that he worked hard at maintaining? Whatever. The grades were excellent regardless. Ian's is tonight. I'm anxious due to my phobia of parent teacher conferences (I was anxious about Avery's last night too) but I talk to his teacher at least once a week and she tells me he's doing very well so I'm sure it will be fine.

Adding to the stash is comforting as well and my Knit Picks shipment came with the yarn for Mirepoix:

I did some color substitutions but I'm happy with my choices. We'll see how they knit up. I know I said I was going to start this in January but I may have to swatch it up sooner. I'm dying to see how they look.

Finally I picked this up over at Yarmando's:

cash advance

...there now don't you all feel really good about yourselves!

Happy Wednesday all, we're halfway to the weekend...