Friday, July 22, 2005

I'm a bad blogger and a bad knitter. I've been too lazy to take pictures for your amusement and really my whole life should revolve around your amusement. I've also been quite lazy about the knitting. I still haven't picked up the needles since last Friday. I'm choosing to blame the heat for my lethargy. Who the hell wants to move a muscle, even a small one in this heat.

Here's a few pictures to entertain. Avery at the Harry Potter event:

he's waiting on line to have his face painted.

This is Avery at 1:00 in the morning when we got home:

poor kid looks beat, I looked worse.

Since I have so little to give you I will finally share my deep dark secret. We're buying a house!

This house to be exact:

The picture is not that great. There is a huge tree right in front of the house which makes it difficult to take good pictures of it. We haggled over the contract for something like 3 weeks. We even walked away at one point but in the end all was solved and we are hoping to close in a couple of weeks. Whoo hoo. The house has been completely renovated so everything is new. It's small compared to a suburban house but way bigger than an apartment. The yard, for the Bronx anyway, is freakin' huge. There is a deck and a finished basement. We're all very excited. The best thing is that it is only 10 blocks from where we live now so the kids stay in their schools and the disruption will be minimal. We're still near the same 2 train lines and all the buses which makes me very happy since I still don't have a driver's license.

Next week is vacation for Rinaldo and me. Ian still has school but Avery is home. I'll be keeping Ian home for a day or two for our annual Sesame Place excursion. Mostly vacation will be spent cleaning and beginning to pack for our move or really deciding what gets packed and what gets tossed.

My weekend will be pretty packed. It's Avery's birthday tomorrow and we are having a Lazer Tag party for the big 10 year old. Then on Sunday I will be trekking out to Long Island to hang with those insane women out there and to show Chelsea a good time. I have it on good authority that there will be knitting, a pool, drinks, carrot cake and possible glasswear being shattered. Sounds like my kind of party...

Have a great weekend everyone...