Saturday, July 09, 2005

I started my second Clapotis on Thursday. It's really quite lovely:

I can't wait to start dropping stitches. I'm a little concerned about how big to make it. I only have 400 yards of the yarn. I definitely want it much smaller than the first but big enough (don't you love it when I'm definitive). I just have to pay close attention as I go. I'm on my fourth increase repeat, but it's really the length I want to cut down.

This is the wedding afghan I want to make for my friend Brian. I am thinking of using Knit Picks Andean Silk. The question is what color? Tradition would have it be the cream, but I'm not exactly a person known for sticking to tradition. It should be light enough to show off the cables but I'd like something that won't show dirt quickly in case they actually decide to use it for something (instead of putting it away).

All this leads to my first ever poll! Which color should I use?

I'll post the winner on Wednesday.

Have a great weekend everyone...