Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Dam, No Knitting!

Ok, I have to admit someone else came up with the title for today's post. It came about because this is where we celebrated the Fourth of July:

That's my good friend Leslie discussing something very important while eating Sun Chips. Behind her is the Kensico Dam (the picture was much lighter at home, sorry but pretty cool shot of the sky, no?). They do a concert and fireworks show for the Fourth.

Here is a pretty shitty picture of said fireworks:

There is also a playground so the boys got to go nuts for awhile before the show. Once it started they were tired enough to sit through it. It scared the hell out of Ian at first, because it was so loud but in the end he really enjoyed it. I did do a bit of knitting on the ribbed scarf but when I looked at it the next day I realized I screwed up the last few rows that I did in the dark...damn.

I've been plodding along on Branching Out. I'm just about ready to start another ball but I realized that this scarf is so not me. Which means, check it out, I have a holiday gift half finished in July! Wow, can you imagine. Yeah, I know it's just circumstance, not good planning but whatever.

I got a very sweet thank you note from the recipient of the log cabin blanket. She really loved it and appreciated it. Makes it all worthwhile, doesn't it?

I found out I have a party in the Hamptons to go to in August. I'm feeling very intimidated by this fact. Me, the Bronx Girl, in the Hamptons? Uncomfortable much? It's for my very dear friend Brian and his wife Tara so not going is not an option, but I'm hoping some of my good LI friends will be willing to make the drive out if I need bail money. Brian and Tara married last year in a small ceremony in Ireland. They are doing a big ceremony this month in Ireland as well (they have been living there for a number of years) but the August party is to welcome them back to the states. Do I dare try to knit the wedding blanket I've been wanting to do for them for the past year ? There really is no time for it but if I start now maybe it can be a Christmas present. I definately need to start my second Clapotis with the Empress Wu Zhao as it will be perfect for the party. Of course I'll have to buy a dress to match it.

Isn't it funny how just about every event in a knitter's life is only as relevant as the knitting project that is required for it?