Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I finished Harry yesterday. I didn't have a chance to read it at all on Sunday. I had sent Rinaldo and Avery to the movies since it was Rinaldo's birthday and Ian wanted my full attention. When they got back from the movies Rinaldo's mom took us all out to dinner. All of this conspired to keep me from my book. I finally made up for it yesterday, thank god I had the day off. I enjoyed it more than the last one. Harry is a much more pleasant person to be around now that he is 16. Not enough Ron and Hagrid for me though. I cried my way through the end but I am completely hyped for the next one and yes Bron I am dying to know who R. A. B. is too.

The only knitting I got done was at the Midnight Madness party at B and N on Friday. May I tip my hat to my best friend, Maribel, as she and her store had a phenomenally well organized event. Tisha and I got there at 9, got our bracelets right away and went to wait on line. The line for reserves snaked around the perimeter of the store while there was entertainment in the kids section, clowns, balloon animals, face painting you get the idea. Both Avery and Aaren (Tisha's son) had a good time. They didn't get bored until 11:30 or so but by then we were in the home stretch. I usually leave these events saying to myself, "I will never do this again" but I'd do this again in a heartbeat. Tisha too and she's way tougher than me to please in this type of thing (and yes she was getting the book for herself too). When we left the store the reserve line continued outside of the store and down the block. On the other side of the door was the huge line for the non-reserves. I figured Maribel would be there all night but she told me the next day they were done by 1:30. Really amazing efficiency. Of course I was no where near the front of the line and I walked out around 12:05.

There was a knitter sitting next to me on the line (we were all sitting on the floor for most of the evening). She was working on 2 thin stockinette strips. She said it was the ties for a baby sweater she had been making. She was a bit disappointed she hadn't brought more to work on because she finished those off pretty quickly. I worked on Rinaldo's scarf since it's nice and mindless. If I got tired I didn't want to screw up a pattern repeat on Branching Out or Clapotis.

I did take pictures but surprise, surprise I never downloaded them, maybe tomorrow.