Thursday, November 06, 2003

Ok I am finally far less frustrated. I have finished 2 squares for the baby blanket that finally came out at the right gauge (I switched to 10s). Tisha's scarf was still a problem in the end because the decreases for the final piece didn't work out right for me it just kept going after the edge of the scarf, so I frogged back a bit and did double decreases to compensate and it is better. I may go back and do it one more time starting the double decreases earlier or I may try to block the irregularity out. I haven't decided yet. The London Beanie was coming out too small so I need to rework but I considered the first 20 rounds or so my gauge swatch so I wasn't devestated by this discovery.

I recently finished a scarf made of Lion Brand Fun Fur in Lilac for my goddaughter. I plan on making a couple of accessories to go along with it but as I am actually attempting to design something fun and different I am not going to say much about it until I have found them to be successful!

I currently am chugging away on the second of a pair of Homespun mittens for my friend Leslie ( I have 2 Leslies in my life this is the East coast version). It 's in a pretty blue and gold colorway and I was quite pleased with the first one. I am also going to make her a matching scarf in a simple rib.

Tomorrow I'll tell you all about Matrix Revolutions! No spoilers don't worry