Monday, October 20, 2003

I am in an extremely frustrated mood. I had to rip out the square I started for the group baby blanket because I was off gauge. Then I was working on Tisha's scarf and I had to keep ripping that out because I was either going in the wrong direction or I had dropped stitches. At one point I was so frustrated that when I pulled on the yarn for the next stitich I broke it (it is extremely fragile). So I put that aside. Then I discovered that my gauge was off on the sweater for my son, am I an idiot or what! Mind you it's not like I don't know better, I should have done a gauge swatch. But after a few inches I measured and I thought the gauge was fine, but I was wrong. It would probably still fit him since I had gone up a size but he wouldn't be able to wear it very long. So I will send it to the frog pond. I tried to go up a needle size but that swatch was too big. I am thinking of making the smaller size with the bigger needle. All to avoid math!

So I decided to re-do my husband's hat from last year. It was a too big and he's been asking me to fix it. So I pulled it out and have started the London Beanie pattern. It's actually going quite well. I started it on dpns which is usually a problem for me, but it's coming out quite well. I am on round 13, I have finished the ribbing and the increase row. I need some instant gratification to make me feel like I am a good knitter again.