Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Having calmed down quite a bit from my euphoria of yesterday, I had to find something new to excite me. I am completely obsessed with boogaj's Kureyon Felted Bag. I wish it was the beginning of the month so I could actually buy some Kureyon and start this bag (I only get paid once a's a bitch let me tell ya). So I look at it a few times a day, dream of which colorway I will choose, send the link to all my friends and salivate when no one is looking. Maybe I'll find money in the street!

In the meantime our order from Herrschner's arrived. We got 8 skeins of Red Heart Baby Sport. Four of us here at work are going to do the Patchwork Baby Blanket from Knitting for Baby for a pregnant co-worker. We're going to have to double strand it, but the colors are gorgeous. We have 2 mint green skeins, 2 cream skeins, and for the main color 4 skeins of a varigated called seashore, which is blue, green , lavender and cream. There is some concern that it will be too boyish but we'll have to start knitting to really find out. The colors are all pretty soft though, and the lavender should balance the blue. Twelve 10x10 garter stitch squares, you want to talk about mindless, I'm thinking of bringing it to the gym at lunch time to do while I'm on the bike.