Monday, October 06, 2008

Just can't seem to find the time

I have no idea where all my time goes. Work is fairly slow but I still have things to do. There's a lot of open houses, tests, interviews and fairs to shuttle Avery back and forth to. Oh and my aunt and cousin visited this weekend from Iceland. It seems to me I should still be able to blog somewhere in there.

The socks are coming along nicely:
The knitting is more pleasant now that I've finished increasing. Just mindless knitting round and round. I'm enjoying seeing the colors play out as well.

When I got to work this morning I found the latest from Spunky in my mailbox:
I can't wait to spin this one up.

It looks like there's no Rhinebeck for me this year. Rinaldo has to work that Saturday. I was thinking of going Sunday but I realized I don't have that much of an urge to go. I haven't been knitting as much this year so I still have plenty of things in the stash. My spinning hasn't progressed enough to justify making any big fiber purchases in that area either. I'll save my cash for next year.

I still have to share my adventures in high school applications and my token Islander fan friend ;) had something special for me this weekend on her blog so I hereby promise to blog twice more this week! Maybe then I'll be back in the habit.

It's Monday but it's almost over, that's something to celebrate!