Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Much fun was had at the NY Sheep and Wool Festival this weekend and man there were a ton o' bloggers there. I saw Risa, Cassie, Ann, Cara, Vicki, Lauren (from afar). I ran into Amy at the Spirit Trail booth. I even ran into Nilda's husband Rob who is really friendly and fun to talk to. He is obviously an excellent knit blogger husband.

I had the husband and kids along so I couldn't play with the other bloggers as much as I would have liked. I had planned on flying solo this year but I had a business trip to Ohio late last week and I only got back late on Friday. I thought it would be cruel to abandon them for yet another day. Maybe next year, Ann!

I was a good girl and didn't go overboard with my purchases. I had mentioned earlier that socks will be the gift of choice this holiday season so in that spirit I only bought sock yarn, but oh my what sock yarn it is.

Here is what I picked up at the Spirit Trail booth:

The grey is for a pair of socks for Rinaldo.

I also picked up this at one of the booths. Sorry I can't recall which right now but I'll double check when I get home:

I just love those colors.

And last but not least, over at The Fold, where I hear Cara was making a scene, I picked up some of these:

Socks that Rock!

It was nearly impossible to choose with all the beautiful colorways they had. Go check out what Cara and Ann picked up and you'll understand what I'm talking about. I think if I had found these first I wouldn't have had money left for anything else.

I ended up avoiding Brooks Farms. I would have loved to get something but I really need a specific project to buy for with their yarns. They are too beautiful to sit in the stash.

We stopped at the mall on the way back home to get a bite to eat and let the kids run around a bit. Ian got a Happy Meal, hmm do you think the theme of the bag is a coincidence...