Monday, October 03, 2005

The Cruise

Two Sundays ago Maribel, Tisha and I headed down to Manhattan for a day of knitting and relaxing. God knows we all needed it.

Here is the boat we took:

The Cruise was hosted by The Point, which is a yarn shop down here in the Village. I have to admit I haven' t been there yet, but Maribel loved it when she visited. She spent the whole day there. The cruise was a celebration of Knitty's third anniversary and the indomitable Amy Singer was there:

(you can see this picture from the other perspective here on Amy's site)

The waters were a bit choppy for landlubbers such as ourselves but we had decided to stay on the lower deck so it wasn't too bad. The one time we did venture upstairs to check out the auction items (there was a silent auction for Gilda's Club) we could barely stand the boat was swaying so much. It did seem much more lively up there though.

We did head out to the bow of the boat to take in the scenery. Here's Bel and Tisha:

Of course a hungry knitter is never a happy knitter so there were amazing baked goods on hand to keep us occupied between rows:

Honestly it was great fun with good company. A nice respite from the everyday. Of course your really want to know about the goody bags, I know you do, don't deny it. They were slammin':