Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I finished the first of Tashie's socks but I have been slow with the second. Here's a picture of the finished one:

and up close:

Like my twisted cable? I decided to jazz them up just a bit.

I was a good girl and cast on for the second one right away but I just never pick it up. At night I am so tired that if I start to knit while watching TV I end up dozing off. Last week I was taking my laptop on the train to catch up on some of my shows (due to the whole passing out issue at night). It's a frighteningly cool thing to download a show to your laptop from your Tivo and watch it at your leisure, but it does cut into knitting time. This week I have been leaving the laptop at home so I can concentrate on the sock. I have a business trip to Oberlin on Thursday so I am really trying to finish the damn sock and send it off before I go.

The funny thing is somewhere along the way I have decided that socks are the big holiday gift item this year. I do enjoy them and I haven't really stretched my skills much this year. I've done more scarves this year than I have since the first year I started knitting. I think it's time to play with different sock patterns. Then maybe I can feel like I accomplished something.

This gave me a good chuckle, I picked it up from Martha (damn I make it sound like an STD):

Go to Google.

Type in "“(your name) needs."” (Remember to use quotes)

Here are my favorite 6:

Nancy needs help.
Nancy needs to wake up.
Nancy needs to learn the facts.
Nancy needs help choosing snake to breed.
Nancy needs to make sure that her Mom understands Nancy'’s message.
All Nancy needs is to wolf down a three-thousand calorie dessert and bring the silver spoon back to Miles.

I always tell my husband I have needs, I just seem to have been confused as to what they were...have a good one...