Friday, September 09, 2005

Miss Me...I'm Back!

In case you hadn't noticed I have been rather quiet of late. I have many tales to share. There is the issue of the plumbing in my house malfunctioning within hours of us moving in. The gas lines that had to be completely replaced before I could have hot water or a working oven and the destruction of a good part of my kitchen ceiling and wall. There was a car accident (nobody but the car was hurt), buses that never showed up on the first day of school and myriad other disasters.

But most importantly there was this:

My cousin had her baby. Isn't she beautiful? Seriously I want you all to stand in awe at her beauty...
When you have only 2 relatives left in the world that you know and want to speak to you, having one more is an enormously big deal. I love her already and I haven't even held her yet.

There has been a finished object in all the madness and a nearly finished one as well but that's fodder for another day.

I've not been around to talk about the horrible things that went on in New Orleans, perhaps it's better that way. My feelings on this administration are very obvious and this event shows me I was correct but never more have I wished I was wrong. Rather than focusing on that I gave what I could to a favorite charity, Habitat for Humanity as my investment in hope for this beautiful city. The always thoughtful and giving Margene is co-hosting a fundraiser over on her blog as well. For those of you who are not currently in a position to give money Oxygen is promising to donate a dollar for everyone who registers at their Katrina site to help the overflowing Children's Hospitals caring for the smallest victims of this catastrophe. It's an easy way to give when you don't have much yourself.