Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I have a picture and it involves knitting and an adorable baby (sorry no cruise shots yet, Rinaldo says the cable should be in any time now...). Here is my lovely cousin, Asthildur Emma enjoying the circular blanket I made for her:

I am pleased to say that both her moms love the blanket and the fact that it is so bright and colorful.

About a month ago when all hell was breaking loose I realized that many of the things I was looking forward to were all going to happen in the space of one week. I declared that week, "Nancy Week". As of Sunday, my week has begun. Here is the rundown of what's going on:

Sunday 9/25 - Knitty Cruise
Tuesday 9/27 - Breath of Snow & Ashes by Diana Gabaldon comes out (I've been waiting 4 years).
Veronica Mars soundtrack released.
Wednesday 9/28 - Veronica Mars season premiere at 9PM
Friday 9/30 - Serenity premieres in theaters.

This week was obviously put together for me personally. All the planets aligned to create this special week of nirvana to make up for the chaos that came before.

So far so good.

Here is my favorite quote of the day from a Reuters Article on Serenity:

Yes, once you get the sci-fi True Believers on your side, all things are possible, [Joss]Whedon understands.

"We have a much broader base than just sci-fi people," he says. "That's what I found in our screenings so far. They're a diverse group, fairly well-adjusted socially, and I expect that a lot of them are even having sex. I really think the line between geeks and the rest of the world is blurring."

Nah, we geeks are simply taking over (insert evil laugh here)...