Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I have yet to find the cable for my digital camera so we are photo-less for awhile. I thought I found it in my bag but it turned out to be my USB extension. Oh well, instead I will regale you with tales from my moving adventures.

I present:

The Mathews Big Move Part I

On Friday night we sent Avery and Cheyenne to my mother in law's house to spend the night. Tashie and Cheyenne were staying with us for the weekend, Tashie, to help us pack and move things, Cheyenne to keep Avery company. By 1 in the morning we were exhausted and Avery's room was still not completely packed. We decided to leave it for the movers. All Star Moving came promptly at 9 (thanks Patricia!). Those guys were great, efficient, fast and nice. They warned me about all my IKEA furniture, it's not really made to be moved, but everything came through unscathed. In the meantime I went to the house to wait for the plumber. He had to do a pressure test before the gas could be turned back on. He showed up after the movers of course. He started working on that and the movers finished up. By this point Maribel had joined us to help as well as my good friend Leslie and her family. Rinaldo said to me at some point, " can you ask the plumber to look at the upstairs toilet when he's done, it's overflowing a little". So everyone started using the basement toilet instead.

Later the plumber called me downstairs to show me all the leaks in the gas line, lots and lots of leaks. My entire gas line would have to be replaced. OK...

While I'm down there I hear Leslie and Maribel calling me. It seems there is a leak in the kitchen, so I come upstairs and in fact water is pouring out of my ceiling above my beautiful new cabinets. I ask the plumber to come up and he checks the toilet and then proceeds to destroy the top of my kitchen wall and part of my ceiling. It seems that the toilet was clogged with construction debris (he says he often sees this after a house has been under construction, the workers tend to clean their tools in the toilet) but the pipe under it is had only been patched over the years and it was leaking through.

Now I knew when I bought the house that the plumbing hadn't been re-done. The wiring was updated, and the interior was completely reconstructed but the plumbing had not been touched. I expected at some point to run into issues like this but not 2 hours after I moved in! The plumber said he would be back the next day to fix the toilet and the pipe, then on Monday he would come in and do the gas line. Basically this meant on our first night in the house we had:

A- no oven/stove
B- no hot water
C- only one toilet working in the basement

Ok, not too bad, right? Everybody left around 7 and Rinaldo went and got the kids. We watched TV for awhile (because I did of course have cable and internet, you see where my priorities lie). We put the kids to bed and started to wind down from the busy day. Rinaldo came up from the basement at some point and announced that now that toilet wasn't working either. now no indoor plumbing whatsoever.

The fun never ends. No one told me I was moving into the Frontier House, I guess I should be glad we have a big backyard and it's overgrown too...built in privacy....

Next on the Mathews Big Move - We move into the 20th century...