Saturday, July 09, 2011

Put the blame on Susan

Seriously, its all her fault. I had pretty much planned to kill the damn blog and Ms Labradorable tells me she misses my blogging. When your spiritual twin says such things you must listen.

To top it off she threatened to stop blogging herself a few weeks back and I stupidly said something to the effect of, "oh don't do that, I'll try to blog if you will" .

So here we are.

Thankfully there is actual knitting to discuss. A dear, dear friend of mine is getting married in August. She and her partner have been together 35 years and in that time the world has begun to catch up with what they already knew, love knows no limitations. This is a problem for a wedding guest however. Obviously they don't need a toaster. What to get this amazing couple to show I understand the weight and meaning of this momentous event.

Oh yes of course, an afghan:

The Nature in Natural Afghan from Lion Brand to be precise (that's a Ravelry link since Lion Brand's site is such a pain in the ass to get into).

I'm on what feels like square eleventyseven but is actually just plain old 7.

As Roe said on my Facebook page, "it is truly a hell of my own making when I cast one on". So, so very true. There are 2 1/2 squares to go and then two insanely long strips and of course then its putting the damn thing together. I have four weeks until the wedding. What do you think the odds are of me actually finishing in time?

Yet another blow to the myth of knitting as a form of relaxation.


Susan said...

Mwah hah hah!!!!!! I do miss you blogging and I am glad to have you back. Little Facebook posts and tweets just aren't enough Nancy for me. And I'm trying to be a better blogger, too.

I think you can make it to the wedding, I really do. If you can do the 2 1/2 squares in one week, then each long strip in a week, that leaves a week to put it together. That's a way better gift than a toaster, too, and even if you are a little late, I'm sure the blissful couple will be able to wait a tiny bit longer for something like this - it's worth the wait and they will have it forever.

Bronxknitter said...

You are such a wonderful friend to put all that effort into such a thoughtful gift!

And welcome back!  Hope to see more of  you!

Nancy said...

Susan -  I finished up #7 last night and am plowing along on 8. If I can keep to that schedule then I'll be in good shape. I want to start blocking the squares as well so that's all done by the time I finish the last strip.

Bronxknitter - thanks. Let's see if I can keep up with this for awhile at least.

Chante said...

Wow! I missed your blog too! You're better than i am because I would've went crazy around block 2.5 :)

Nancy said...

lol! I miss you in general. How are you?

Anonymous said...

Welcom back to blogging. And why don't you cast on for a wash cloth to ease the pain?

Gina said...

Oops! I am the "guest". And I do know how to spell "welcomE".

Nancy said...

Sure you do;)  Isn't a washcloth just another square? 

Julie said...

I'm a little late to the party, but have to ask: did you finish? It is gorgeous, and has the look of a fun summer project (small squares - easy knitting that won't make you melt), but does look like something that would easily inflict knitting ADD on someone. So please, do tell! Oh, and glad you're back. I've been into blog avoidance lately as well.

Nancy said...

I've hit a wall with it and the wedding is next weekend. I realized there was knitting that wasn't listed in the square patterns themselves (connecting pieces) and suddenly the amount of work left to do overwhelmed me. I doubt it will be done in time but I'll still bring it so I can show them.

Rowena said...

Glad you are staying. I love reading your blog. I work in a library in Texas and enjoy other library people who knit/spin.