Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Two finished objects, one WIP down

I finally finished the second pinwheel blanket. It took forever. I ran out of yarn, then knit picks ran out of yarn, then I got the yarn but the last 25 rows take a fucking lifetime! At least it felt that way. To give you an idea the last 25 rows take 3 balls of yarn alone. The final row was 680 stitches. Still I'm happy with the finished product.

As a reward to myself I gave myself a nice easy washcloth to cleanse the palate as it were. This is the second of the monthly dishcloth KAL patterns for the year.


Sharon V said...

Your blanket is lovely! I can't believe you did two of them, though!

All those stitches! I had that many on a size 3 needle when I was making the Icharus Shawl, and it took a darned long time to get one row done.

You win the award for patience!

Susan said...

Bloody hell! You need to reward yourself with some alcohol, not a dishcloth. The blanket is beautiful, though, and I love colors.