Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

I'm pretty sure this was my best Mother's Day ever. Typically I ask to be left to my own devices for Mother's Day. Last year I spent the day with Maribel and her mom. Previous years I have spent it with good DVDs, music or books and the house to myself.

This year was a little more focused. Saturday night Bel came over. We ate pizza, drank Coronas and dyed each other's hair. The men in the house stayed well out of the way. On Sunday I woke up and brought my breakfast upstairs. Avery made me tea and I watched a few episodes of the West Wing while reading the Sunday paper in bed. So far, so good. Rinaldo and Ian returned from OT around 11:30 and it was present time.

Rinaldo picked up some good stuff. A great CD box set:

...and the first season of a favorite show:

There was also a Starbucks card slipped into the Blondie set. Rinaldo knows how to keep me happy. The best gift was last though. Look at what Ian made me in school:

Money can't buy anything as beautiful as that.

We then went to Uno's for lunch. It was still early so the place was empty. We all enjoyed the food. Then Rinaldo dropped Avery and I at the movies. What does a good son do for his fangirl mom on Mother's Day? He takes her to see the best superhero movie ever, Iron Man. Man I loved that film and oh how I love Robert Downey. Avery didn't even complain about my drooling, lol.

Then the husband met us in Yonkers and took us home.

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day.