Tuesday, March 24, 2009

At least I finished stuff...

...even if I didn't blog.

Opening a new store requires tons and tons of meetings. Plus I have real work to do so that greatly cuts into my free time at work, which from my employer's perspective is a good thing. Last week I was on vacation but I was in a full out lazy mode. I spent the majority of it on the couch watching DVDs and knitting. There were also successful parent teacher conferences as well which was a nice note to end on.

While I've been silent it's been a veritable finish-pa-looza. Are you ready?

The mid-March dishcloth:
...the Buffy socks:
...a baby hoodie from Debbie Bliss Simple Knits:
The March dishcloth:
Happy? I missed 2 weeks but you get 4 fo's for your suffering.

Do you realize I have finished more projects in the past 3 months than I did in all of 2008? Yup 11 was the total in 2008, I have now finished 14 items. Damn.

I have two books to review this week so hopefully you'll be hearing from me again this week;)