Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Bronx Girl Moving and Clapotis no More

If you thought I've been horrible about regular posting, just wait. As Chris said in the comments last week life is really about to ramp up for me. We were supposed to close yesterday on the house, but it appears there is no survey for the house. The lawyer had to order one to be done. We won't have the results until Friday so the closing is now set for Monday or Tuesday. Now the plan was to move in on the 20th mostly because the weekend after that is "move-in weekend" when most of the students move into their dorms here at NYU. At that point it really gets insane here. Yesterday Rinaldo's boss helped us out by giving him move in weekend off, so it can now be our move in weekend! I do my own schedule and I work in an office so I can work extra hours during the week which means I don't have to come in, aah the joys of not working on the selling floor. We have been packing and throwing out a ton of stuff. I barely recognize my own closets. All the knitting stuff is mostly packed except the books and the projects I am currently (I mis-spelled that and for some reason Blogger's spell check corrected it into "carnality" wtf is that about?) working on.

I frogged Clapotis. For some reason I wasn't feeling it in the Laurel. It doesn't have the drape I would have liked and suddenly I didn't feel as much of an urge for a smaller version. Maybe I will again although I am making a regular one for a Christmas gift so maybe I won't. I decided instead I needed a huge narrow scarf. Damned if I know why but I decided to do it as a multi-directional scarf and it's coming out very nicely. It's nice and mindless too since I've made so many of them.

Tisha, Maribel and I have signed up for the Knitty Brunch Cruise. I received our confirmation today. Three hours of knitting, eating and cruising around Manhattan. It will be the perfect post-rush, post-moving, de-stresser (how many hyphens can I use in one sentance). Anybody care to join us?

In my cleaning and packing I found my extra copy of this:

Since I haven't been entertaining you well of late and even one less book to move would be a good thing I decided I should have a contest for it. So here's the deal:

Submit a comment between now and this Saturday (August 13). I will randomly pick a winner on Sunday night and announce the winner on Monday. To make it a little more fun, for me at least, if you have a good piece of moving advice share it with me. It's not required for the contest but I can use all the help I can get!